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Agrícola Belher

We are family-run company that is 100% committed to quality and the highest food safety standards, allowing us to offer fresh, healthy, safe, and sustainable products.

We promote the well-being of our workers, their families, their communities, and the environment.

4 strengths that set us apart from the competition:

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What is behind a tomato produced at Agrícola Belher?


At Agrícola Belher, food safety is achieved through the Implementation of Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices, based on four pillars:

In order to achieve this, the Department of Risk Prevention analyzes and protects products from contamination hazards at each stage of the production, packaging, and transportation processes. It also determines the appropriate controls and practices to reduce the risk of product contamination by microbiological, physical, and chemical agents.


For us, sustainability is not a fad; it is our mission to contribute to the preservation of our planet. The land has given us everything, caring for it is part of our vision.

We achieve sustainability by implementing practices that are aligned with our philosophy of respect for nature and the efficient use of resources in all our processes, such as: Efficient water usage; fertigation management; use of drip irrigation equipment; computerized fertilizer injection systems; use of pest- and disease-resistant varieties; protected agriculture; and the use of environmentally friendly agro-inputs.