Social Responsibility


We implement safe operating practices and controls that help protect the physical well-being of our staff; Building safe workspaces.

At Agrícola Belher, we are committed to transforming the lives of our employees and their families. We are fully committed to providing our employees’ children with a comprehensive program for social and intellectual development through the services we offer in the nurseries of our Community Development Centers, with two points of focus:

  1. That our employees have the certainty that their children are fully cared for and supported.

  2. We have implemented programs that provide children with a solid foundation for their education, from preschool to high school and, in some cases, their professional careers.

Our commitment to transforming our employees’ lives

With the support of AFOMAC and 1 Kilo de Ayuda, we assess the children’s weight and height from the moment they and their parents arrive on site. If necessary, we provide them with the vitamins and nutritional supplements they need for healthy growth, because we know that healthy minds and bodies are the foundations of the next generation.

During their stay, we also pay close attention to their nutrition and provide them with a healthy diet: Daily breakfast, snacks, and lunches are provided for children ranging from 45 days old to 14 years of age. The menus are prepared by a nutritionist from AFOMAC, an institution that supports us in this and many other areas.

During the school year, we have an educational advisor in each CDC to ensure that the children participate in the programs and support those who have any problems or special needs.

We have built an organizational culture where human capital and the sum of talents are the keys to our success. We have achieved this through fair working hours and salaries, social benefits, occupational health, personal skill development, gender equity, and safety regulations. 

Social welfare not only benefits our employees, but also fosters links with the surrounding communities, promoting sports and leisure activities for local families and migrant day laborers.

Through our Community Development Centers (CDC), we provide free housing as well as health, food, and educational services for our more than 2,500 migrant workers. In addition, our nurseries care for more than 600 children.

In partnership with civil society organizations and local authorities, we carry out the following social responsibility programs:





Addiction Prevention

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